WHITE PAPER Doing Business with Us... is easy.

Doing Business with Us

Many companies have never worked with a communications, marketing or other creative firm. Others have, and weren't impressed with the service or the results.

We're different, and we aim to be as easy to engage as any other routine business service. The bottom line is that we want to be your communications department, whether that's a continuing function or one you turn on and off like the lights. Our whole raison d'être is to bring you high-level services you could not otherwise acquire or maintain, but with that lovely cost-control feature of an off switch.

We can work with you in whatever way works best for you. There's no one way to get the most from our services.

Initial Consultation

We are always happy to talk with a new prospective client. Whether ten minutes on the phone, a quick exchange of email or two hours in your office, we're eager to see what you need and what we might be able to do for you — and sketch out what you might get from the effort.

Our initial consultations are always free. And if we're not the firm to help you, we'll do our best to point you to a reliable provider who can.

Working Relationships

We're open to any business, working and service agreement that makes sense and gets the job done for you. We're sensitive to the need to balance communications power and its cost in time and budget.

Outside Vendor

We are happy to do projects on a formal, outside-vendor basis. For very infrequent jobs, or initial ones, it can be best to keep the relationship simple. We don't have to be any more complicated than your current printer, web guy, or graphic designer (but we can replace all three, and more besides).


We're at our strongest as a consultant, an on-call partner who knows your business and your needs and can respond quickly and flexibly to communication demands and opportunities. If we've done a few basic projects for you, the next ones just get that much easier and more cost-efficient. An emergency is no problem — an unexpected presentation, a product problem that needs rapid and sensitive PR, a sudden advertising or presence option needing a ton of support. As your virtual communications department, we're just a speed-dial away.

In-House Collaboration

Sometimes virtual isn't good enough: sometimes you need service right in the middle of what you do. No problem. We can really be your communications department, right there in your office or site.

Need us close and long-term? Clear off a desk and we'll integrate into your existing staff and workplace. And when borrowing our power isn't enough...

Staff Training & Department Development

We're happy to make ourselves obsolete by helping you develop an in-house communications department. We can guide hiring choices, equipment and software acquisition, and operational development. We can pull together existing staff and job functions to form an effective department with whatever new components are needed. We can train and organize your new staff, whether it's one person or a dozen, and leave you with an efficient communications arm of your own.

On a smaller scale, we've had great success helping companies hire, set up and train an internal person to handle the day-to-day tasks more efficiently and reduce outside costs (even ours) while we remain in the loop for high-level creative, guidance and specialty services.

We're flexible, and capable of helping you be flexible as well.

Rates & Terms

Would you believe us if we said “don't worry about our rates and cost”? We won't waste your time or take your money unless we believe that we can be a cost-effective asset for you. (We actually do turn clients down, for the best of reasons.)

Our rates are competitive and we can work within almost any budget. It's not unusual for us to be able to work our magic for the same or less as you're paying other piecemeal providers. We pride ourselves on doing the most for the least. Let's talk about your budget, your aims and where we can make them overlap.

Our standard billing is 30 Days Net. At our option, especially on first projects, we may ask for deposits or payment towards our outside costs, such as printing, online service hosting, travel or third-party services.

Business checks are fine. We can also accept almost any credit card via PayPal.

Service Region

Our service region is presently limited to Earth, up to low earth orbit. Clients in the geosynchronous belt or beyond will have to visit us or work remotely.

Seriously, we work with clients all over the world and are highly experienced at remote working relationships. Being across the state, across the country or overseas is no barrier to us doing our best work for you.

Our direct service area is the Front Range communities of central Colorado, from Colorado Springs to Fort Collins, more or less. If you're in this mile-high strip, we'll be happy to work with you in person. We're especially delighted to work with companies and entrepreneurs in our area — we believe in “local.”

We'd be happy to work with you directly anywhere outside that area, subject to possible travel and per-diem costs. Or not, if you've got a juicy enough project for us.

We want you to discover the power of business communications, and we'd like to be your communications department. It's that simple.