Your ideas. Our ideas. Either way, we make it a great concept.


In the beginning is the idea... the concept.

Without a strong concept, a communication effort goes nowhere.

The best coffee, wine or pastry is made from the best ingredients.
The best communication comes from the best concepts.

Business Image

Every business — including yours — has an image, whether it's deliberately-crafted or not.

Too many businesses dismiss the idea of image as something unnecessary or even false — a fake front designed to deceive customers. But every customer already has an image of your business, and if you aren't working to manage its shape, it may not be the image you want out there.

Our efforts with new clients often begin with an assessment of the business image, with an eye toward fixing any flaws that are working against success. From there, shaping and developing a careful image that appeals to the right customer or client base and sends exactly the right message about who you are and what you can do for them is a continuing project.

It's an old, old saying that you only get one chance to make a first impression. As a business, you're likely to have more than one chance to appeal to a new customer... but not an unlimited number of chances. A carefully-developed and -maintained business image is the most precious asset you can own.

At NitroPress Communications, image assessment, development and management are a core function, integral to nearly every other service we provide. We work to make sure every step, every project, every effort enhances your business image.


The extension of image is branding — an image so strong and distinctive that it becomes an independent element: a brand, a trademark, a hallmark. Not every small business can become its own brand, but especially if you produce tangible products, the door is open to turn a business image into a powerful brand. That multiplies its strength and makes it a free ambassador and spokesperson for your business. The starting point is a strong and positive image, but we can turn your image into a market-leading brand.

Marketing Campaigns

Marketing is a term that seems distasteful to some businesses, especially traditional ones in established markets. It certainly can be something... inappropriate. We don't disagree. And other businesses (too many, maybe) misuse its possibilities.

We specialize in what can be called “white hat” or positive marketing. We pretty much decline to do things otherwise. If you're looking for invasive, annoying tactics that grind customers into buying... you'll have to look elsewhere. But if you want efforts that bring in dedicated customers on good terms... you're in the right place.

Marketing Support

Marketing efforts need specialized support. Marketing is a process, not a task, and the process has to have tools to work with.

If you need full-service marketing, we can bring the whole set of tools. If you have internal resources, we can let them focus on the process — on the products, industry and customers they already know better than any consultant can — while we bring the support.

Project Development

Sometimes there are communications efforts that don't fit into a neat category, or don't represent a routine process. We're available to make those projects happen, whether we come in and manage it soup-to-nuts or provide essential support, guidance and expertise for your existing team.

Content Development

Do you have a project, a need or an idea that has to start with a ton of content? Words, photos, video, illustrations, instructions or even research? No problem. Our roots as a book publishing company bring the ability to develop thorough, professional content to your needs and requirements. Your expertise and understanding, turned into clear, direct material for any end audience.

While that's more of a creative effort, we're mentioning it here so that you know we can help you draft the concept that leads to a powerful content-based end, when you might have been thinking you'd have to do all that work. Nope. You point, we'll develop.

Next up: Creative Services.