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We bring books to market.

Let us get you from “author” to readers.

Book Publication Services

We Build Books

NitroPress the agency was a long-ago evolution from Nitrosyncretic Press the publisher. So while we do a vast number of things in the graphics and communications, many of them revolve around publications of some sort... and books are our very foundation. We've brought books to publication—private and commercial—in every format and using every process there is. (Well, maybe not lead type, but everything after that.)

The modern process of print-on-demand, once the province of crummy, cheaply-made books, is now the mainstream process for all but those books with large print runs, 1000 or more at a time. Whether it's a ’trade’ service like LSI or Lulu, or a retail seller like Amazon's KDP, we can get you from a manuscript or roughly-published project to a professionally-produced, bookstore-quality book.

Oh, and Interactive learning and reference systems, such as complete sales platforms or product service guides for tablet or laptop viewing in the field? Sure. That's just the intersection of publishing and online expertise, and we have both.

Books on Paper

We can bring your book of any kind, any format, any size, any binding to the finish line. It's that simple. Whether you want a few proprietary training manuals in coil binding, a hundred bound product manuals or ten thousand commercially-produced company histories, we can do it. And for public sale, we can get you through the technical and approval hurdles of and Amazon KDP.

Books on Screens

If an e-book is what you're after, we've mastered that process as well. From generic EPUB to Amazon Kindle, we can deliver a professional, polished, upload-ready product.

Oh, wait—you wanted both formats? Print and e-book? No problem. We've mastered “dual format” methods for efficient simultaneous publication with no wasted effort.

We Specialize in
Complex Books

Don't assume we mean just the basic book formats, either. There are an endless number of consultants and services out there for novels, narratives and other books with simple formatting needs. Chapter heads, italics, design a cover, done... sure. We can do that, too.

Our specialty, though, is complex books. Tables, multiple page formats, illustrations, foot- and endnotes, multiple TOC/Table of Figure lists... we do it with ease. And nearly always in the flexible, professional ‘reflowable’ format for EPUB and Kindle, not the limited ‘fixed page’ or FXL format.


Need proof? Just look at the Titles page of our parent publishing company. Only one of those titles (an older one) remains in trade-publishing format. The rest are either Kindle or dual-format... including our new title that's specifically on professional Kindle and dual-format publishing. (Hey, maybe it's all you need... but it is for experienced pros, not author/publishers.)

And note that all these titles have fairly complex reference or “coffee table” formatting, which our processes handled with ease.

Complete or Cafeteria

Whatever service or services you need to get from your book project to “Author! Author!”—we can provide it. Just the technical publication step? No problem. We can even help manage your KDP account and bookshelf.

But if you need editing, proofreading, cover design, support materials or any other aspect of the publication and marketing support that goes into a successful book title... we can do that, too. (We don't normally do front-line marketing or publicity, but we can support those efforts with integrated services.)

Drop us a line right now and tell us what you-the-author or your book needs.