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I've produced more websites over the years, using ever-evolving platforms, tools and techniques, than I can count. Unfortunately, the ephemeral nature of the web means most of these sites are long gone, and of those that still exist, most have been so modified by successive vendors or managers that I am no longer comfortable claiming them as my work.

I began my webslinging career hand-coding, and I still rely on deep code skills to create and fine-tune websites, even when using the newest and most capable tools. For some reason, web code resists even the best visual approach without some "under the hood" help. For any given site, I probably use HTML5, CSS3 and PHP to build the basic structure. When a platform is needed, I tend to turn towards the endless flexibility of WordPress, choosing a template that is close to what I or the client wants, then endlessly modifying and rebuilding it until it's perfect. I've also built sites on Joomla and, for intensively informational sites, the quirky power of MediaWiki.

And, of course, my skill sets in graphics, photography and typography are what fills out my sites, regardless of the underlying technical structure or platform. After all, visitors don't care what code base or platform brings them the information... they just care that it appeals to them and meets their needs. Having a variety of basic solutions on hand (instead of one-size-doesn't-fit-all) is just the delivery method for the look, feel and content.

The two sites below are a very narrow look at my web capabilities, but the best I can do under the ever-changing circumstances of web design and lifespan. Each opens in a new window.

I have other sites that show off other facets of my ability, but I am not comfortable posting them for unguided viewing. Please inquire and I will send along other code- and WordPress-based sites, with some qualifying explanation of what you're looking at with respect to my development and input.

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