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Welcome to the “Better Net!”
Support & Information Page
for Cordcutters

"Better Net!" is a community presentation meant to help you get the most from your home and small business internet service and wifi setup.

Most residential internet systems are of very poor installation quality, done by an installation tech who had fifteen minutes to do the job and move on. Getting more from your internet — and even more from your home and small business wifi — with anything from an hour of fixing small problems to putting in a complete, state-of-the-art installation that really serves your household's modern needs!

My presentation, now adapted to virtual meetings on Zoom and similar apps, is aimed at anyone who is frustrated with their internet service, costs and problems. Each topic is broken into three levels:

From changing your service provider or plan to simply moving the internet gear to a different location to completely revamping your entire technical setup... getting “business class” internet service for your household needs and convenience is probably easier than you thought!

Useful Links (coming soon!)

Please note that I am an independent consultant/speaker, and I have no connection of any kind with any cable, streaming or internet provider. (Other than the service connections I use myself!)

But if you're looking for any kind of business communications services, from business cards to complete video, online or presence campaigns, please do explore the rest of my site... and give me a call!

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Presentation Summary (coming soon!)

By popular request, I've added this summary of the presentation. It's not a substitute for the real thing, but it does make a useful reminder of the important points and steps.