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"Better Net!" is a new community presentation meant to help you get better service from your home and small business internet connection and WiFi. Fix aggravating faults and limitations, get better service and even cut costs! The presentation is given with a “tiered” structure so that every level of attendee takes away useful information, whether they are technical novices or experienced computer/network users.

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And yes, the original “Cut the Cord” session is still being offered!
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Current Schedule

Booking is open: grab your session slot now!

Date Day Time Town Notes
11/13/2021 Saturday 2 pm Essex II Cut the Cord
— Happy New Year! —
1/6/2022 Thursday 6 pm Glastonbury Cut the Cord


Any day not taken is available for scheduling. (I will cross-reference this with the CTC schedule as well.)

I am not planning to publicize this presentation as a whole; I am leaving it to each library or town to attract its own audience without losing any to other sessions. Please do keep up the word-of-mouth among CT and regional libraries and towns, though — I'd love to do as many of these as there is interest.

Please feel free to work out scheduling differences and exchanges with each other!

The 2021-22 “Better Net!”Presentation Series


Thanks for your town's interest!


Promo Materials

Please ask if you need anything else for your announcement and publicity needs. All permissions for use and reasonable modification granted.

Program Description

"Better Net!" is an entertaining community presentation meant to help households and small businesses get better service, performance and convenience from their internet and WiFi installation. Improving the service is only a first step; getting better privacy and security and even lowering cost is an integral part of the discussion. Internet users of any technical background are welcome! Most material is presented at a level useful for those with little technical knowledge; some material will be more useful to those with some internet and wifi experience, and a few points will be valuable even to those with a good technical understanding of equipment setup and configuration. But overall, the session will help everyone get Better Net!

About the Presenter

James Gifford is uniquely qualified to present this seminar. He has been a writer, editor and publisher for 30 years, focusing on bringing complex subjects to introductory and novice audiences. He has been in the tech and consumer electronics industry for about that long as well, much of it at the engineering level in business and personal communications and telecom. And he has spent much of the last decade writing about consumer economics and advocating for consumer rights. He is a completely independent speaker with no ties or interests to any cable, communications, online, entertainment or equipment companies. He was a resident of Tolland for six years and now connects to these sessions from Denver, Colorado.

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